i promise the next update will be a good one...=P

>> Sunday, July 19, 2009

hey all humans.

just a quick update..

GLORY GLORY MAN UNITED!! hahhhhaha. yaya, i went to watch ManU vs M'sia FC. I have to say.. M'sians are improving on their football skills. It's true. But to me the match was already pre-planned earlier no way match could have ended 3-2.

Oh the atmospere in the stadium was awesome. Aparrently more than 100k tickets were sold. My love for Manchester United has just increased by a mile. ohhh....and Michael Owen..HAHAHA! Honestly..if it was the UK, no one would have even clapped for Owen when he came in , somehow M'sian love him soooo much.

But i really wanted to see Park Ji-Sung!!!!!AHHHHH. wonder why he didn't come along on the tour.

OWH! did you guys know that Manchester United was suppose to stay in the hotel Ritz-Carlton which was BOMBED a night before manu were suppose to check in?? daimmm.....

So because of that,ManU is extending their stay here in M'sia. They're even going to have another friendly match with M'sia TMR NIGHT!

MONDAY, 8.30pm. If i'm not wrong the tickets will be priced at RM58 free sitting. Except the VIP seats. Don't really know what the prices are for that.

Oh well. i'm definitely going the next time manu comes to M'sia.

I need a blardy camera. Seriously. (that was random)

okay guys..i'm off..


life is tough ™

>> Sunday, June 28, 2009

whasuup guys,

yaya, i met a car accident yesterday morning 27/6 Saturday. Daimmmm.

the wierd thing is..i smashed into a stationary car. =/ what an idiot am I.

how did i bang a parked car? simple..i was driving at about 40 km/h on a very mild curve road..it felt uncomfortable so i adjusted my seat . The damn seat jerked all the way to the back and i accidentally jam on the accelerator . Before i could actually look in front again.. BANG!!!!! there you go..

for the first few seconds my mind just went blank ..and slowly..it's like my 5 senses regain it's consciousness and slowly my ears started registering the alarm sound from the car i hit. sigh...

anyhoos, less talk more pics..

so ladies and gentleman..do not try this at home/ in ur car. LOL


18 already??

>> Sunday, June 21, 2009

hi guys,

just wanna say thank y'all for all de wishes and love for me 18th birthday.

I'll soon blog about the presents. beautiful!

i'll be back soooon.


in college now! haha

>> Thursday, June 18, 2009

Why does my accounts lecturer Ms. Yeap Ai Har hates me sooooo much?? daimmmmmmmmm



>> Wednesday, June 17, 2009

YAY! thx dicky!! wahhahahhahaaaaaa


New Make Over!!


Hi people this is Dicvinn here!!! If been assigned by your good friend Wyman to adhere a new change in his blog appearance. Well..tada, now this blog comes with new skin, new clock, and new personalities and a whole new twist of characteristics!!The renovation consume a lot of my time but yes its worth it !! Glad to help you wyman!! Hope, everyone of you would like what I done too. So keep staying tune to what Mr Big Dawg will be blogging from many days to come.

Have a great day ahead!!Thank you.

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viva la good vida

>> Thursday, May 28, 2009


whasuup everyone? well well, college college..it's been good . Although i haven't really gotten along with *some* lecturers..*cough! AI HAR* hahaaha

Met loadssss of new friends...love my class alot. I think i have the best class in the whole of metropolitan, seriously.

Damn something is soooo wrong with my phone..sigh...annoying phone.

Owh! Just want to promote subang rally abit.

Kamon guys , this rally is open to college/university students now. Even if you can't make it for the conference..Make yourself available for the night concert. I'm sure it's gonna be good. We're highly expecting one thousand people for the concert. I believe there are more than 1million people living in Subang. Therefore, 1 thousand is less than 1% of the population. So COME COME COME!

Owh, about my leg. It's almost entirely heal now. Just need to gain back my muscles..hahaha

ok then,

sleepboy's signing off noe.